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hooz house

cajun deli

Homestyle cooking

is here.

Homestyle cooking

is here.

Spicy Homemade Cajun Jambalaya


We are Hooz House Cajun Deli

We just moved into the neighborhood, but it's like we've been here forever! You've welcomed us like old friends, dropping by with ready smiles and eager appetites.

That's why we vow to always serve up goodness. Our food will always be home cooked, locally sourced, slow-cooked, and served with warm smiles. We're family now. And this is how we cook for those we love. Come in today and see what Mama has cooking.

Welcome home.

Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Which ever you choose , just know you will be eating a home cooked meal. We are serving our delicious food at Reign Events Lounge located at

3000 SW 89th Street Oklahoma City , OK Suite C

Shrimp Po’Boy

Chicken Strips

Just a few favorites

Red Beans & Rice

Make Hooz House Cajun Deli your next stop!

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Visit us at Reign Events Lounge

Meet the Owner

Carla has been cooking since she was young. She would cook for her siblings & eventually started cooking for her own family. Having kids in sports, Carla would cook for the Basketball team & Football team booster clubs. She always enjoyed feeding her community. Her cooking is so good , people would stop by her house just to see what she had on the stove. Now she turned her passion into a business & she gets to feed the wonderful community of OKC. Get a taste of what her family has been eating.

Welcome to the family!

Ms. Carla